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Church for Ali?

Posted by wholelifewellness on August 13, 2012 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (175)

So, because it's Monday I naturally think about what needs to be done this week... and BLOG is what comes to mind.  I recently read an article about blogging... which said it's like an online journal.  And so, because of this description, I'm going to treat it as such: my personal journal... the diary of Alicen Schmitke... what really does go on in my little head, you ask?... well, don't expect an answer in one sentence, you'll just have to read the blog!!

Yesterday I went to Church... "Bridge Ministries" to be exact.  Anyone who knows me will not think this as weird: I grew up going to church.  But as I came into my adult years (I'm almost 31 you know!!), sleeping in became tempting and usually won the "church battle".  In addition to my excuses for sleep, I was also growing into my real Spiritual self... you know, the person you become when you make your own decisions about what you want and don't want to believe (I won't elaborate on my beliefs because that would make for a VERY LONG blog post)!! 

Something VERY COOL happened at "The Bridge" this particular week: they had an "Interactive Service".  This is where Churches all around the world are connected via web cam and they simultaneously hold the service together... isn't that neat?!!  So people from Poland, Germany, Kentucky, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, us in Meadow Lake and WAY MORE were all going to Church together, singing together, being encouraged and inspired together!!  It made me think that although Spirituality may mean something a little different for everyone and every culture, we unite because we all want something more in our human existance... we want that other part of us fulfilled. 

Don't ever forget that your health is all-encompassing... Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual

Going Uphill Lately?

Posted by wholelifewellness on July 4, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (5)

Sometimes I feel like I have to try so hard for the things I want...  "Is this a sign?" I think to myself...  "Is this God telling me 'NO'"?


There are 2 schools of thought here:

1)  Nothing that's worth getting comes easy.  The rewards for working hard will make it all worthwhile!


2)  When you want something but keep running into "roadblocks" it's God's way of saying that you need to take a new path.


So, how do you know which one it is then?  


I'd love to know what YOU think!!

Lessons In Baseball

Posted by wholelifewellness on June 20, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (4)

If one observes life in all activities, you can easily pick up lessons for living healthier.  A few years ago I turned into a cheering baseball players’ wife.  I haven’t been around ball that much and I honestly was preparing for a long weekend of boredom.  I packed about 4 books, 3 magazines and my journal, just incase the weekend went as I predicted.  Once I was there, I sat and observed people; maybe my brain thought I was in a mall, which might explain why the weekend turned out to be so enjoyable.  


Baseball (any sport really) is a very psychological game.  Have you noticed when one team is getting into trouble, nothing goes right.  Errors are made all over the field.  Grown men are throwing their helmets and bats while saying a few choice words as they bang around in the dugout.  This reaction to their mistakes affects the other teammates and soon the whole team is feeling like giving up and going home.  They are just waiting for a savior to get them out of their losing score.  


Then, out of nowhere he arrives.  Someone who hasn’t given up on himself gets a hit to bring in a couple runs.  The crowds cheer, the team cheers, pearly whites are shown and spirits are lifted.  They can be lifted so high that now the other team is suffering in the same frustrating way and if they give up, they will lose the game.


How true is this in the game of life.  Optimistic people, who surround themselves with cheerleaders, positives self talk and even mentors in life will often win at anything they try.  Things will turn out well or even better than they expect as they travel through this lifetime.  When things don’t go as predicted they say it’s ok, learn from the mistakes and move on, never dwelling on the past.  


Pessimistic people, who once they are down, stay down.  They have negative self-talk; they hang out with toxic people who talk about others in order for themselves to be lifted up.  No one tells them they are doing well and are proud of them.  They lose in the game of life.  They stomp their feet and throw things, possibly verbally getting into trouble with the umpire, which can lead to physical confrontation.


Optimism and pessimism are not genetic.  They are choices.  Which do you choose?  


Stay in the game of life in the winning dugout.  Sooner or later you will be on the field with your teammates celebrating your wins and loses in a much more enjoyable game.



Run Ali, Run!!

Posted by wholelifewellness on May 28, 2012 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (361)

I have a huge announcement to make:  I, Alicen Vanda Schmitke, ran a 10K yesterday!!  Notice that I didn't say "just a 10K"... believe me, this is a huge deal!


This may come as a surprise to you.  Anyone who knows me even just a little is aware that I'm devoted to the whole "exercise, keep active" allegiance.  But I'm also first to shout from the rooftops that I'm not a fan of running (and that is putting it nicely).


This is where the challenge comes in: to accomplish something that I've never thought I'd ever want to be capable of (I said "want", because I really do believe that we are capable of more than we will ever know).  You know what I learned?  That I still dislike running just as I thought.  But you know what I ALSO learned?  That I am DEFINITELY running a 10K again!!  "Why" you ask?  Because I am absolutely hooked to that exhilarating feeling that you get when you finish something that you hate... *giggle*.  


Yes, that made the run totally worth it!      


What is it for you?  



Ali Learns to Get a Life & Get a Hobby!

Posted by wholelifewellness on March 30, 2012 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (3)

So I've actually had the time to hang out with my lovely friends more often lately and I have to say they are pretty amazing!  But I did notice something the last time we all got together... THAT I NEED TO GET A HOBBY!  


Book Club, Scrap Booking Club, Running Club, I've always strayed away from committing to such groups... but I do like the activities themselves.  If you came up to me and asked me what I like to do in my spare time,  I probably wouldn't know what to say because I like SO MANY things.  


Maybe the problem is that I have too many hobbies!  I mean, I have a sweater half knit, books half read, a pool-pass half punched, icing in my fridge (need to bake the cupcakes), I like to run...if the mood is right, scrap booking pages packed in a box somewhere... hmmm... I like things with owls on them... is that a hobby?


So, to end my confusion I did a "Wiki" search and here's what I got:

"A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time."


Key Word: "regular"... I may need to work on that one.


I guess I could say that my 'wellness and activities pertaining to wellness' are a hobby of mine that encompasses many "mini-hobbies".  So there!  I'm a creative, outdoor loving bookworm that enjoys baking around my kitties, bike riding with my daughter, running when I'm mad, balancing my life with healthy activities and indulging in sweets... plus, plus, plus.  


So maybe by reading this blog you've learned not to ask me what my hobbies are!!  But hopefully you've also learned that "me" time, doing things that you enjoy, is all apart of a healthy and full life. So... GET A HOBBY!!

Ali's Good Intentions!

Posted by wholelifewellness on February 25, 2012 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (393)

So, today is my last day of work before *da da na na!* HOLIDAYS!!  I was quite looking forward to this time of sanctuary and then I got to thinking of all the other times I've taken holidays.  I have this dreamy idea in my mind of myself reading my book by the pool... sleeping in... eating healthy luscious salads... and being all tan.  REALITY CHECK! We should all know better than this!  "But this time will be different!", I say... and so... we'll see.  


Here are my intentions:

1. I will try my best to eat healthy and only when I'm hungry.  I'll be bringing my IP snacks too. This, I have to say, will be the hardest for me and why it's at the top of my list!!

2. I will take part in the fun... just not TOO much!

3. I will read every day, if only just a page.

4. I will try to get my rest, so I won't need a vacation from my vacation! (We've all found this out the hard way, I'm sure!)

5. I will have a BLAST!


Notice, I called them "intentions" and not "rules". I make intentions because "Wellness" is so much more than just my job at Wholelife... It is something I strive for everyday.  But "Wellness" is also a subject that can encompass many aspects and is different for everyone.  


So, here is my challenge for you:

That you make good intentions... one a day, one a week, one for the year... whatever you want!  If you don't succeed at your intention, just keep trying.  As Wayne Dyer says "Our intention creates our reality." -


IP dieting... Ali's perspecitve

Posted by wholelifewellness on February 3, 2012 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (23)

Linda and I are Ideal Protein Coaches here are Wholelife and we take our job very *gruff voice* “seriously”.  We have found that not only do we have to know about how IP works but we also must be able to relate to our dieters on another level.  So in order to do this, we participate in the full dieting experience along with all of you.  After going on the diet a handful of times in the past year and a half, here is what I’ve learned:


1.  Ideal Protein is not for everyone, but it is the best way by far, to lose weight.  People don’t realize that there’s a much faster way to lose weight than what we’ve been told in the past, and that it can be done in a healthy manner.  The diet is a temporary means to a permanent healthy lifestyle at your ideal weight.  Hopefully, we are successful in teaching you how to keep it that way.


2.  Ideal Protein is not just for those who are overweight.  Let me tell you my personal experience:  For a long time I was scared to ever be hungry.  My everyday routine would consist of always having food available wherever I went… granola bars in my purse, fruit and freezer meals at work, etc.  I had little “stashes” everywhere because when I felt hungry I had to eat NOW… If I didn’t, I’d feel sick.  After learning about IP, things have changed.  I learned that I was suffering from slightly low blood sugar levels and for good reason: I ate carbs, carbs and carbs all day long.  My pancreas was so used to pumping out insulin to stabilize my blood sugar levels that sometimes it would pump out too much… thus, making me feel nauseous and low energy.  Now that I’ve been on IP, things have changed.  When I’m hungry, I’m just… hungry, which “believe me” is a not a feeling I’m afraid of anymore!  Sweet!


3.  Timing and practice is crucial to being on a diet.  I have found that the more times I go on Phase 1 the easier it is!  So don’t ever be discouraged if you feel like you need a break, just phase out and come back when you are ready for round 2 (or 3 or 4 as in my case… tee hee).


4.  The alternative program is really worth trying out.  If you feel like you are being deprived on the regular diet, you may want to switch.  This will keep you eating properly… and you won’t even feel like you’re dieting.  Because I’m a Fitness Trainer, I can’t always be on the regular IP diet… the alternative program is what I use when I want to get my eating in check with my workouts included.


HMMM... I think that's all I should say now...  I've been told that I talk too much.  :-D